Resolute Goals….

It’s very passe’ and silly to make changes to one’s life in the dead of wintertime. Nevertheless, I’ve had nothing but time to reflect on my uneventful state and, I too, feel the need to adjust my ‘day-to-day’ in anticipation of change. I find myself, like everyone else, desiring change in the key aspects of life; professional, health, hobby, spiritual, family, etc. Yet, I’m too lazy to keep up on billions of identical goals that I find myself creating year after year. Of course I’d like to be (cue Stephen Hawking voice) fitter, happier, more-productive… (OK COMPUTER- best album ever made) but this blog has been in the back of my mind for months since I created it and it is time that I start spilling my thoughts, come what may.

I love to write. I hate to write. It depends on what I am writing. I love writing what I want to write. I hate to write what I’m forced to write. I once heard David Mccullough say on the radio that once he determined to write 4 pages/day he knew he could give up his current career for that of a writing career. I simply want to get better at writing. I would love to be a writer professionally but I realize that this will take time and practice.

Last year I wrote many business research papers to obtain high GPA’d Masters degree in Business Administration (Marketing). I received my degree in April. Once it was over; I no longer wrote business papers. I wasn’t being forced or assigned. If I had a business marketing related career I could see myself wanting to have a related blog to continue my professional development. Alas, still no trabajo. I loved writing about businesses that  I wanted to write about. When given an assignment with no creative control my attitude towards writing was…meh.

I received a B.S. in History from BYU-Idaho. When I graduated I no longer researched and wrote Turabian style because I wasn’t forced to. I loved writing those papers where I had creative control.

In short or long, the last year has been spent envisioning how I could be fulfilled professionally. I am a intensely creative person. I need to have a creative outlet. I would love a professional role where I could have creative input. When my hopes of being a corporate level marketing executive post-MBA shattered I gravitated towards film and literature. I studied the mechanics of screen writing. I still have yet to make an attempt at writing and so that is what this first post is about. The need to start writing.

If you dare follow my rants then great. I didn’t want to start writing my blog until I knew what the mission was behind it. Was it gonna be a place for movie/album/concert reviews? An intensly private journal? A collection of essays? Politics-themed? potential stand-up bits? A documentation of some random social experiment? I’m tired of waiting. It may be an amalgam of all of these elements. Time to embark on the journey. I hope you come along for the ride.



Hi…my name is Kenny Dupree…

Ok fine, Kenny Dupree is not my real name, I’m still a little gun shy with being completely transparent online. Let’s consider it a harmless moniker
If you are looking for a blog completely devoted to ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ then I have misguided you and I’m sorry. It was the only name that I could think of for my blog which will be devoted to my writings and reviews on music, art, film, literature, concerts, etc (If you have any other clever blog name ideas then I’m anxious to hear them). There also might be other random articles pop up from time to time but I will try and not digress.
Why should you trust my opinions? You shouldn’t, but I hope that you enjoy my posts none-the-less.